Spring Break Junior Ranger Camp with Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Spring Break Junior Ranger Camp with Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Learn, Protect, Explore, Share

The motto of a Junior Ranger is to learn, explore, and protect the natural world. At Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, we believe in one more important aspect to a great Junior Ranger which was one of our Spring Break camp themes: share. To share your knowledge and love for nature is one of the best ways to encourage learning, exploration and protection of the natural world. These campers took to these principles like ducklings to water and by the end of the week, they knew so much they could have taken us for a tour of the Gardens (in fact, some of them did). Keep reading to learn how the week went with these very special kids. 

Our campers were joined by the incredible staff at Alice Ferguson Foundation and Urban Adventure Squad last month. The Foundation took the kids on a virtual field trip, educating them about plastics, soil and water health. At the end of the session, the kids made “trash monsters” out of recyclables, thinking creatively about how their monsters could capture trash in our waterways. Their ideas were inspirational, and we had several kids bring their projects to our in-person days! 

Camper siblings Mika and Syler demonstrate their “trash monster” which has alternate uses for fuel and backup storage for all the trash it captures! Great work!

Urban Adventure Squad provided support and materials so campers could create their own field guides for Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Campers will use this field guide to make observations on their own return trips to the Gardens. We can’t wait to see what they’ve found when we join up again this summer!

Campers walked away with knowledge of the Leave No Trace principles, the importance of soil and water health, facts upon facts about plastics, pollution, the crucial need to recycle, and of course, a greater understanding of the many facets of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, including what it means to be a real National Park Service Ranger! 

Another pair of camp siblings, Laila and Sasha show off their badges as newly sworn-in Junior Rangers! Great work!

Next time you’re at the Gardens with the younger friends and family members, download our Spring Scavenger Hunt, and our Plant, Bird, and Animal guides to spot some of the creatures that call this oasis home. And check back often to see what new and exciting things you can do and explore at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens!

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