Reintroducing Shannah as FoKAG’S Interim Executive Director


We are excited to announce that Shannah Cumberbatch, our Volunteer & Program Manager, will take up the mantle as Interim Executive Director. Shannah is eager to take the helm and lead FoKAG into a fun-filled summer as we search for a new ED. 

Shannah has a clear goal to increase interaction with community members, specifically emphasizing our WELLderness program’s impact. She commented, “It features so many activities that people may not have ready access to…things like tai chi or art therapy- things that you’re probably not looking to do in your everyday life- so I’m excited to bring more of that to the folks who live in the community.”

Shannah also shared how she hopes her identity as a Black woman will impact the organization’s reach. “I’m curious to know what new partnerships or connections come about with me being in the Interim ED role. I think it will set a different pace for the organization within the community, and I think some folks have been looking forward to seeing that change, and they’re excited to see what that looks like.”

Additionally, Shannah hopes to improve folk’s individual relationships with nature. She emphasized the importance of, “finding a way to get folks to connect to more than just coming to the park…findings ways to incorporate nature and wellness into your everyday life.”

Shannah comes from a background in wildlife biology, so she is extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge of the park’s ecology with all who visit! She joyously described, “pointing out certain insects or birds or amphibians or maybe even a mammal here and there if you get lucky….then when [visitors] finally see it, that moment of awe and wonder, that’s one of my favorite things.”

We are so lucky to have such a fantastic person as our Interim ED. We can’t wait to see where Shannah’s leadership takes us this Spring!

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