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Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is home to a wide variety of native and exotic water-loving plants that transform its ponds into a stunning display during the summer months.

The hardy lilies, plants with strong roots, stay in the ponds year-round and bloom from early May until mid-September. The stunning sea of pink lotus flowers peaks in late June and lasts until mid-August, with the peak bloom in mid-July around the time of the park’s annual Lotus & Water Lily festival. The tropical lilies, with their more delicate roots, only bloom from mid-June through early October, but peak in July and August. Lastly, the Victoria water lily blooms in August but its expansive pads can be seen through September, and often even into October.

Be sure to visit on cool days or early in the morning as most of the blooms will close in the midday heat. We encourage you to share your photos of lotus and lilies at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Please tag @kenaqgardens on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and use #kenilworthaquaticgardens and #findyourpark.

See the Lotus & Lilies of Kenilworth