Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens provides an extraordinary space for outdoor exploration and learning with over 30 individual ponds teeming with exotic water lilies and lotus, as well as frogs, turtles, fish, dragonflies, butterflies, and more.

The tidal marsh, enjoyed by walking (or skipping!) along a long boardwalk, is fed by the waters of the Anacostia River and experiences a three foot fluctuation in water level daily. This unique park provides opportunities to learn about the tidal marsh ecosystem and connects kids and adults to the Chesapeake Bay watershed in a hands-on way.

Self-Guided Curriculum

Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens developed these self-guided, STEM-based lesson plans to help elementary-aged children explore the park. Learn more about the Self-Guided Curriculum

NatureFest Camps

 NatureFest is a neighborhood and park-based program that provides safe, high-quality programming when parents and caregivers need it most.  Find out more about NatureFest

To learn more about the ranger-led field trips please visit here, or to speak with park ranger directly, please call the national park office at (202) 692-6080.