Board of Directors

Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is led by a stellar group of local community leaders from metro Washington, D.C. They guide the strategic direction of the organization and provide financial oversight. 

Elizabeth Curwen, Board Chair

Elizabeth is a communications strategist and writer who helps nonprofits find their voice and advance their mission. She frequently walks her dog at the park while keeping an eye out for visiting migratory bird

Justin Lini, Vice Chair

Justin is a digital media specialist and community activist who just completed his term as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner of his Ward 7 neighborhood. He enjoys visiting the park in all seasons and attends as many festivals and events here as possible.

Dana Fronczak, Board Treasurer 2020

Dana Fronczak, Treasurer

Dana enjoys birding and is an avid visitor and volunteer  of the park. When not outdoors, Dana supports government agencies in strategic planning and financial management including audits.

Beth Scott, Secretary

Beth is a strategic communicator with experience in program management, public policy, and community relations. She is happiest when outdoors and wants to share that joy with others.

Martha Holley-Miers

Martha is an experienced fundraising professional who specializes in the nonprofit sector. She and her family enjoy visiting the park and discover new things to love each time. 

Danita Delaney

Danita is an award-winning freelance photojournalist and multimedia producer, and co-chair of the Annual Photography Competition. A third generation DC native, she grew up playing in Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.

Daniella Einik

Daniella is an attorney who focuses on environmental law and takes on pro bono work that helps her community. She considers Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens a hidden gem within the city that deserves a wider audience.

Kamaile Turcan

Kamaile is an attorney who enjoys getting out of the office to go birdwatching in the Gardens.  She has always loved the outdoors, and before becoming a lawyer she was a biologist and has a community outreach background.

Charles Taylor

Charles provides fitness and recreation opportunities at Kenilworth Recreation Center, including weekly walks through Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. He is an avid biker and walker; and loves helping connect people to the outdoors. He was born and raised in Ward 7/8 and currently lives in Ward 8. 

Sonya Weisburd

Sonya Weisburd is a non-profit professional with a decade and a half of experience in program management, communications, and community engagement with a particular passion for civic engagement and social justice education. She and her family love nature and the outdoors and consider Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens on eof the most magical places in the Mid-Atlantic!

Dennis Chestnut

Dennis is a life-long resident of Ward 7 with an abiding love for the community and lands east of the river. He is spending her retirement actively working to improve public education, the arts, and to protect our natural environment.

Rachel Wells

Rachel works in data science for social good, helping nonprofits use machine learning to improve operations and data to measure and evaluate their impact. Most evenings, she enjoys walking her dog in Kenilworth Park and along the Anacostia River Trail, saving the weekends for a regular stroll in Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.

Irfana Jetha Noorani

Irfana is a cultural organizer, artist and administrator who works at the intersection of arts, community development and public spaces. She loves to bring friends to explore Kenilworth year round- it is truly a gem in the Nation’s capital. 

John Healey

John is a water quality specialist living in Northeast DC. He enjoys running and cycling through the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, along the Anacostia River Trail, and volunteering to maintain this national treasure.